Purchase and distribution

Purchase and distribution

One of our greatest strengths is purchasing: we have direct access to world-class brands and can procure them for you on the world market. The manufacturers use us to compensate for liquidity constraints and storage overhangs. Thanks to our numerous employee shops with more than 1.25 million employees, we require correspondingly high quantities for the supply of the respective shops.

This distinguishes us:

  • Large portfolio of brand manufacturers

  • Financial strength

  • Very good references

  • Plannable sales

  • Quick decision in purchasing

  • Storage capacity of 25,000 sqm

  • International shipping: air freight, shipping container, truck, courier, parcel post

  • Professional marketing

Examples of our sales last year:

Bluetooth boxes
Vacuum cleaner
Pans & Pots

Last year we moved over 2,000,000 items.

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